Sunday, October 5, 2014


Sometimes, the smallest decisions have the biggest impact on our lives.

This morning Ty and I decided to go out for breakfast together.  We had two very  popular places in mind but being that they were so busy we ended up at Village Inn.  The hostess sat us next to an elderly couple with the woman in a wheel chair.  I didn't really think anything about it and we carried on with our coffee and chit chat.  I people watch when I'm out and about and I glanced over a few times and smiled at the lady.  Her husband was so sweet and very attentive.  When the waitress brought out their food they had ordered one meal.  The husband came over to the side where his wife was and divided of the food.  He then began to feed her breakfast.  It was at this point that I actually started to pay attention.  I started listening and really paying attention to the care he took with her it was.  What broke my heart was their conversation.  This sweet woman was asking her husband if he had a girlfriend to which he answered "Dear, you're my girlfriend, and my wife.  We got married in 1954."  She looked right at him and asked, " we're married?  How long have we been married?"  Him "We've been married for 60 years."  She then asked him if they had any children but I was focusing to much on trying not to cry that I never heard the answer.  

This went on our entire breakfast.  She would ask him questions about their life and he would answer in such a loving and adoring way it almost made me jealous.  I wanted to slap the waitress though.  When she was in the kitchen with the other servers she made the comment, "when i get old I don't want someone to have to feed me."  Honestly, we should be so lucky, to have someone that loves us so much that even at our worse they will be there to feed us.  

Near the end of our meal, I heard her husband tell that he loved her so much.  Her response hit like a ton of bricks because it's the same way I respond to my Tyler when he says it to me.  She said "I love you more.  I love you more than you love me."  

It's not a secret that getting old scares me but if growing old with my Tyler is what I have to do I will do it.  If after 60years of marriage he looks at me and loves me like he does now or more I will be happy.  Despite all the crap that life throws at us I for one feel so blessed that it offers us the chance at love and happiness.

Love is always a good thing!  Give as much as you can!